Creator & Host of AWP, he is a media-master with over 17 years of experience in the industry. His first love was comedy, his second love was media, but his passion has always been pro wrestling. Hailing from Fishkill, New York, anointed The Markfather by his peers (without the slicked back hair and a 3 piece suit) he is a master of the mic in the world of podcasts!

Angry Kuter

Co-Host & Angry. That's the first and most profound statement to describe this life-long wrestling freak. Hailing from Hopewell Junction, He is the social assassin for all the keyboard warriors! He is a man with a Blue Collar work ethic who opinions are always heard (because he's often the loudest in the room), However, Pro-Wrestling is his calling card, best served, 'Angry'.

Jonathon Benjamin

Creator & Host(2014-2016) Mr. Benjamin's life has covered many great lands. Now residing in Parts Unknown, Mr. Benjamin (not related to Señor or Shelton) enjoys lumberjacking with a beard that is not unlike Daniel Bryan, and enjoys to show the ladies what a real man is made of.

Minority Mike

Co-Host & Retired MMA fighter who was known for delivering a better Superman Punch than Roman Reigns, Mike Has been a lifelong wrestling fan who not only loves sports entertainment, but also loves the independent wrestling scene as well. Mike is known for speaking his mind about the product, regardless if it's good or bad. While some may classify him as a smart mark, He considers himself more of just a passionate fan.

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